About Us

Moto Imports are the only authorised Australian distribitors of the Italian TM brand of motor bikes.

TM is a brand of motorcycles some consider to be top of the line, while others haven't heard of it. TM bikes are built with craft and precision, and ProX has been working with them on parts development for multiple years.

TM manufactures around 1,300 motorcycles per year. The brand has both two-stroke and four-stroke MX, Enduro and Supermoto models.

TM is a true Italian boutique brand that takes pride in making exotic motorcycles that only few will have. A hallmark of the brand is its attention to detail, choice of materials, and selection of only top-quality outsourced components.

The product range

TM Motocross - 2 stroke

Motocross - 2 stroke

TM Motocross - 4 stroke

Motocross - 4 stroke

TM Enduro - 2 stroke

Enduro - 2 stroke

TM Enduro - 4 stroke

Enduro - 4 stroke

Need a part - not a problem

There are over 13,000 parts with pricing for TM motorcycles in our database!

Just find the part number in the pdf diamgrams (under parts on the main menu) for your model and enter the part number in the search area.

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